Friday, May 30, 2008

Companies are using "branded entertainment" to combat some of the problems that are plaguing traditional media.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

According to this case study, Sephora and Popular Media teamed up to find a creative way to identify opinion leaders/influencers.
This paper discusses the idea of "engagement mapping."
This article suggests "engagement" an a new marketing metric.,7211,42124,00.html
This blog post (Jim Calhoun, CEO of Popular Media) identifies some good social media metrics and provides interesting guidelines for social media marketing. One particularly interesting point he makes pertains to the idea that people put their social capital at risk when they share something with their friends.
Here is some interesting evidence about the power of traditional social networks to influence behavior -- in this case, getting people to quit smoking.
Here are some excellent statistics from Universal McCann about the social media habits of those who constitute the "Active Internet Universe."
This is an interesting article about how Coors is using social media --
It looks like Electronic Arts is open to selling more product placements in its video games --