Thursday, February 26, 2009

Organizational issues surrounding social networking

Thanks to Chris Wooldridge for sharing this blog post on organizational issues that surround corporate social networking --

Using social media for damage control

Thanks to Chris Wooldridge for sharing this case study about how Eastman Kodak used social media to correct an erroneous report in The Wall Street Journal --

Mitch Joel's "who to follow on Twitter"

This is the blog post to which Dave Knox (below) referred --

Social media and customer service

Companies are monitoring social media to enhance customer service and control the damage that can be done when online customers are dissatisfied.

Dave Knox's "who to follow on Twitter"

Check out Dave Knox's list of who to follow on Twitter --

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Enhancing social media with APIs

This post discusses how retailers are/can enhance their social media efforts with API (application programming interface) technology.

Insights on social media metrics

This contains some good insights about social media metrics --

Social media in the marketing curriculum

This is an argument for incorporating social media into the marketing curriculum --

More insight into what SAP is doing with social media

This gives us a brief glimpse into SAP's use of social media --

Social Media at SAP

Check this out to see what SAP is doing with social media --

Monday, February 23, 2009

6 ways to use Twitter

Six ways to use Twitter --

DM News article on social media and customer loyalty

This is one of the more strategically intelligent articles I have found on social media.

In the article, Brad Vettese (EVP and managing director, Ipsh) identifies three strategic objectives that are reasonable for many social media campaigns. In this case the campaign was for Victoria's Secret Pink and the objectives were (1) "manage the brand's identity," (2) "communicate with loyal 'friends'", and (3) "strengthen the brand's relevance."

Joe Fullman (Senior analyst, Greater Than One) identifies a important characteristic of good social media campaigns -- "engages the right demographic with the right directly actionable message, and therefore represents best-in-class social marketing." He also points out that social media programs designed to engage customers are "most effective when consumers have something to gain from the engaging, whether it be free music, the latest deal or informaiton on the products they want."

Daina Middletown (SVP of Sunao, Moxie Interactive) identifies why people enter social networks -- "to foster relationships and find items of interest. They expect to have a voice and participate."

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Managing geeks

This is a bit off the usual subject of this link blog, but it seems useful.