Sunday, November 2, 2014

ComputerWorld article in in-store GPS technology

This interesting ComputerWorld article explains in-store GPS technology

Basically, there are three approaches described here:
  • The use of high-pitched frequency
  • Triangulation of an in-store wi-fi signal
  • Bluetooth low-energy detectors (also called beacons) – with one-foot detection accuracy
Interestingly, this may be a way for brick-and-mortar retailers to counteract the practice of showrooming.  Page 4 of the article says, “consumers are also 46% less likely to go comparison shopping if they have a particular retailer’s app running on their device.”   

Page 4 also indicates that Web retailers have the technological capability to surreptitiously collect the network IDs of the routers in retail stores and, then, send low-price offers to the store’s customers whose phones are communicating with the routers.” That would be a pretty aggressive pricing practice. 

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